three residents of the Tamar neighborhood


Dear Residents,
In the past few hours, three residents of the Tamar neighborhood have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
Out of communal responsibility, the three have agreed to reveal their names.
They are:
Eli Yahalomi

Zachary Zigelman
Ariel Cohen
Anyone who has been in contact with one of these three individuals in the past 14 days must go into isolation immediately for 14 days from the last contact, and report to the Ministry of Health on the website or tel: 5400 *.
At the same time, we are again reminding everyone that that the virus can live for several days on different types of surfaces, and it is therefore important to obey the instructions of the Ministry of Health, which stipulate that it is forbidden to leave the home except in necessary cases, and that we must wash hands frequently.
We wish to wish a quick and complete recovery for the patients.
We will continue to update as the situation develops.

Public Information Team
Efrat Local Council

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