Another patient update


Dear residents,

We just received the news that another resident of the Tamar neighborhood was tested positive. Out of consideration to the public's health David Azulay agreed that we publicize his name and whereabouts. We wish him a speedy recovery. Purim night Monday 9.3, boys 9th-12th grade purim party.Thursday 12.3 Taught in the Mamad Tamar.All student from 3rd-5th grade and staff from the Tamar need to go into isolation until  Thursday the 26.3.       

        All the Tefilot on shabbat he davend at the Marocan Shul in Tamar.

Residents who were in his presence in the previous 14 days need to go in to isolation according to the ministry of health's instructions. We ask the public not to contact the sick and honor their privacy.

If we are authorized to publish the name of the staff member we will publish it as soon as possible.

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