Another Patient Update, Wednesday September 16th at 00:00


Another Patient Update, Wednesday September 16th at 00:00
Another student from ה’1 at Orot Etzion Boys School has tested positive for the coronavirus.
The investigation into his public contacts has revealed the following details:
On Shabbat, September 12th, he participated in Bnei Akiva in the Zayit, Shevat Nevatim Boys. The children and the madrichim have been updated.
Sunday - He traveled in a carpool (the other passengers have been updated) to the Geffen for the Matnas Soccer league from 16:30-17:15.
He also participated in a ping pong chug last week at the Matnas. The other participants will receive an individual message from the Matnas staff.
Participants from these chugim will receive individual notices from the Matnas staff about their specific group.
Chug participants who have been in contact with the patient are asked to contact the Ministry of Health *5400 for detailed instructions regarding the need for isolation.
We wish all patients a complete and speedy recovery.
We'll continue to update,
The Public Information Team
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