Questions and answers regarding the workers' security tax.

Questions and answers regarding the workers' security tax.


About two years ago, we were asked by the Ministry of the Interior's Emergency and Security Commissioner to change the calculation method for the security tax. Instead of the fixed cost per property, the calculation would now be according to the square meters for each property.

 The Council was required to prepare a security plan and a calculation that was submitted to an external company employed on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, which examined the calculation and security arrangements as recommended by the army.  This procedure was long and complicated. During this process, an additional requirement was added. It was now required to separate the security tax imposed on all the residents with the security tax for those employing Arab workers for whom a work permit was issued by the army command of Judea and Samaria.   After receiving the approval of the Ministry of the Interior, the update was approved by the council plenum in June 2018.

Residents and contractors were informed both through the Efratone and during two meetings held with representatives of the contractors in July and September 2018.

For your convenience, we have gathered a number of questions and answers that have reached the Council on this matter.

What is a Security tax?

This is a fee for security and public order services provided by the Council to its residents.

Whom does the security tax apply to?

The tax is imposed on all built assets that benefit and require security services.

How is the billing done?

The method of charging was recently changed as recorded above in accordance with the instructions of the Commissioner for Security and Emergency at the Ministry of the Interior and will now be according to square meters.

Can the money be used for other needs of the Council?

No, the funds are deposited in a designated fund that is used only for the purpose of financing security services and is permitted to be used only according to the directive of the Commissioner for Security and Emergency at the Ministry of the Interior.

What is a workers' security tax?

This is a tax for guard services provided for the entering and exiting of workers.

Who is taxed for this guard service for workers?

The tax applies to contractors and residents who bring in workers who have a work permit from the military commander in Judea and Samaria to Efrat.

How was the calculation done for the workers' security tax?

The Council relied on the expected building planned for the next three years, and calculated from that the number of workers expected to enter into Efrat every year on an average into Efrat. The calculation was sent to an external firm for their approval and then to the Ministry of the Interior.

How was the daily amount fixed at 6.70?

When the daily calculation was prepared, the costs of the security needed in the morning shifts for the entering of workers were taken into account and for the security guards needed during the day, as well as for a designated shift officer. The costs were taken according to existing rates and were based on the forecast of the entry of workers in the coming years. The final calculation was brought for approval by the plenum of the Council and the Ministry of the Interior.

Does the worker tax eliminate the need for a construction site guard?

No. The security of workers is according to the  army's directives and there is no connection between the workers' tax and the security over the workers at the worksites.

Is there a connection between the working hours of the worker and the amount of the tax?

No. The price is daily and the same for each worker entering Efrat.

Is there a connection between the security tax and the workers' tax?

No, the Interior Ministry's demand is to separate the various charges and each of the taxes has to be in a separate designated fund.

Is this security tax for workers applied in other municipalities?

Yes, all authorities that have renewed the security tax (a tax renewed once every three years) are required to separate between the overall security tax and the workers' security tax.  In our region, this applies to Kiryat Arba and Betar Illit.


When will the payment start and how do I pay?


The payment for the entrance of workers will begin on Tuesday, 6.11.2018.
There are several options for payment: by telephone to the collection department 02-9939324

or via payments on the 'Motza' website / application: In addition, in the next few days a machine will be installed where you can buy a single day ticket (cash only)



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