Letter to parents


June 29

Dear Parents,


We are delighted to send the placements for kindergartens for the upcoming school year.

There will be 27 kindergarten classes, among them six special-ed classes, and three mechinot.

Attached is a list of the names, locations and phone numbers for the kindergartens and a notification stating in which kindergarten your child has been placed.
Efrat kindergartens are operated in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Municipality.

Supervision of the educational component is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.



Nava Asis  -  coordinator of kindergartens in the Municipality  - navaa@efrat.muni.il.

Mrs. Juli Melamed - supervisor of the teachers- julieme@education.gov.il

 Mrs. Mira Rosenbluth – supervisor of special education - miraro@gmail.com


 Appeals for a placement change


Please contact changeplace345@gmail.com   - Deadline for appeals is 14.07.17

A special committee consisting of the Director of Education, representatives of the Education Committee, and coordinator of the kindergartens, will review the requests.
Final answers will be given at the latest by 30.7.17 via mail


The new school year will open on Friday, September 1st.

Regular hours

Sunday to Thursday school days end regularly at 14:00

On Fridays school days end at 12:45


Three year old children will be ending earlier during the first two days of school
On the first day – Friday 1.9.17, school day ends at 10:00.
On the second day - Sunday 3.9.17, school day ends 11:00.
On the third day – Monday 4.9.17, school day ends at 14:00

Sunday to Thursday school days end regularly at 14:00

On Fridays school days end at 12:45
For ages four and five - school day ends at 14:00 as usual from the first day.
Please fill out the attached student card and health statement and bring them to the kindergarten on the first day of school.

If you are a newcomer, please ask the teacher for a co-parent who can assist you with basic questions.
The Education Department staff and kindergarten staff wish all of the children a good and successful school year.

"ועשה חיל באפרת" (רות ד'),
    Yossi Krothamer                                                                                  Nava Asis

Director of the Education Department                                                  Kindergarten Coordinator


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