Registration for the 2017/8 School Transportation System in Efrat

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Registration for the 2017/8 School Transportation System in Efrat

Dear Parents!

The student transportation system is an important component and an inseparable part of the educational system in our community. With the growth and development of the city, the transportation system is increasing.
In order for us to best prepare the extensive transportation system for the upcoming school year, we've attached registration instructions for the transportation system for schools.
We ask you to follow the registration instructions so that we can all enjoy the trips in the coming school year.
For your convenience, we started an online registration process this year that we hope will develop in the coming year into a computerized system that is up-to-date and innovative for your use in a simple and efficient manner.

The children must be re-registered to the shuttle every year. It is not possible to use a previous bus card.

Bus cards will be distributed in the schools during the first days of school.

The registration period for transportation will be:
Starting on Tuesday, July 11th
Until Monday, July 31st


How to sign up:
Go to the Efrat Council website-

Before entering the online form, please verify:
1. Entitlement - It is necessary to verify whether the student is entitled to the Ministry of Education's financial participation in transportation for him / her, according to the Ministry of Education's computerized geographic information system, which calculates the walking route from the address in which the student is registered with the Ministry of the Interior to their school. : // (enter the tab titled "מסלולים")

For your convenience, a presentation explaining how to use the "Geographic Information System" can be found on the Efrat Municipality website.

Criteria for Eligibility According to a circular from the Director General of the Ministry of Education:
* Grade 1-4 students who live a walking distance of 2 km or more from their school.
* Grade 5-10 students who live a walking distance of 3 km or more from their school.


2. Address - Make sure that the residence address is Efrat and is updated on the identity cards of

 both parents. eligibility for transportation is determined according to that.
An address can be updated at the Ministry of the Interior's Efrat branch:
On Mondays from 16:00 to 18:00,
On Tuesdays from 09:00 to 11:00
Fridays from 9:00 to 11:00

Signing in to the online form:
1. Fill out the online form with all the necessary details and attach all the accompanying files:
A. A photocopy including the bottom half of both parents identity cards, unfolded
B. A head shot of each child separately
2. Upon completion of the registration, a copy of the registration form will be sent to the email address that you filled out in the form.
3. A. For a student entitled to the participation of the Ministry of Education -
The process ends here. A bus card will be handed out to each student during the first days of school.
   B. For a student who is not entitled to the participation of the Ministry of Education -
contact The "Gviya"- collecting department by telephone or by physical arrival at the council offices.


Payment options:

 Cash.

 By standing order - 4 payments: 30/9, 30/11, 30/1, 30/3 - Approval must be signed that the standing order will be added to your property taxes bill

 Checks - 4 checks dated: 30/9, 30/10, 30/11, 30/12.

 Credit card - one payment in immediate payment.


If you come in to the office to pay, you must have a hard copy of the online form sent to you by e-mail. It cannot be printed on the spot. A bus card will be delivered to each student during the first days of school.  


 Open hours at the collection department -

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday between 8: 00-13: 00

On Tuesday between 14: 00-17: 00

For telephone payment in the collection department - 02-9939327 / 4


Students who are not eligible for transportation will be able to purchase an annual travel ticket:

1.      One-way (morning or afternoon)

2.      Two-way (morning and afternoon)
The card is annual and you cannot pay for partial use of the card, only full payment. No refund will be given during the year to anyone who goes from a two-way card to a one-way card.

3.      Price list of student bus cards for 2017-8
It should be noted that the quoted prices are heavily subsidized by the Council.


Price per year for a two-way ticket

Price per year for a one-way ticket

School name



Aseh Chayil



Orot Etzion



Derech Avot (grades 7,8,12)



Derech Avot (grades 9-11)



Orot Yehuda

Since it was not yet determined whether the school will work in the format of 5 or 6 school days per week, the price is not published. Upon making the decision, the price will be adjusted for the number of study days and will be published on the Council's website and for the school's registrants

School in the Tamar neighborhood


Third child - a 30% discount will be given only when the other two siblings pay a full price for two-way travel.

Fourth child and above - 60% discount, only when the other siblings pay full price for two-way travel.


The prices quoted are 25% off the rate that existed up until this school year.


Renewing a lost card

In order to renew a lost bus card, pay 30 NIS to the collection department, bring a passport photo to the Education Department and we will issue you a new bus card.


A one-time travel ticket

If a student wants a single pass to take the afternoon bus, it is possible to purchase a bus card at the school secretary for a fee of 10 NIS.

Bus routes and times will be published at the beginning of the year on the Council website and in the schools.


A public inquiries center for transportation:

For your convenience, there is a public inquiries center in cooperation with the Efrat Council and the Gush Etzion Development Company.

Please contact the Hotline with any problems encountered regarding the operation of the school bus system.

The center operates from Sunday to Thursday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Phone: 9937128



Lost and Found

If items are forgotten on the bus, you can contact the Lost and Found department at 9937134.




Safety in transportation

Life is worth ZAHAV (gold) - The schools operate the ZAHAV (Road Safety) Guard, which helps our children safely reach school. Please be patient and listen to their instructions.

Behavior within the busses - as parents and educators, it is very important to make it clear to children that the driver must concentrate on driving and cannot deal with disciplinary problems, therefore they must behave properly before boarding, while traveling and getting off the bus.


Inspections- The Education and Security Departments of the Council conduct regular inspections in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of student transportation. There will be surprise inspections to ensure each student is carrying his bus card. A student found without a card will receive a warning letter and if this will be repeated a second time, he will not be permitted to board the bus.


Please note:

Offline registration will not be possible.

From the third day of school onwards, a student will not be able to travel without a bus card.


Late registration

-Registration after registration period - Students who register late will be included in transportation only after the holidays. This is in order to prepare in a good manner and in order not to harm the students who were registered on time.

-Registration during the course of the school year - registration will be possible only on the basis of availability and the Council has the right to charge for a full school year.

-Please note that families who intend to move to Efrat or within Efrat during the year will pay the full price for the transportation at the time of registration. Upon the transfer of the apartment, in order to receive a relative refund, fill out a form which can be found on the Efrat website and on the application.



Questions and clarifications regarding registration for transportation
• If you encounter a problem, you can contact us at the following email address and we will try to get back to you soon:
Or contact the secretary of the Education Department 02-9939330

May we all have a good and safe year,
Efrat Education Department
Yossi Krothammer
Director of the Education Department


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