Many families in Efrat are currently quarantined. In some families all members are required to isolate and in others only one or some family members need to do so.  It is exceedingly challenging to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health while maintaining the functioning of all members of the family as best as possible. 

We need to keep in mind the particular needs of young children. Children up to 9 years of age  cannot be left alone for the duration of the quarantine period. Even among older children there are those who may be more sensitive or anxious about quarantine. It is important to understand that being alone for an extended period of time may adversely affect their emotional well-being. A responsible adult needs to join them for the isolation period. 
Certainly this may add complexity to the situation, yet it is necessary and of utmost importance.  We are glad to assist you in working out a plan that adheres to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, and ensures that young children are not alone, while  meeting the various needs of the family. Please feel free to contact the educational or guidance staff at your child's school/gan, the Educational Psychological Services 993-9333 or the Social Services Department 993-9370.