Selling Chametz
Dear Residents,
The sale of chametz is usually done with a ‘masseh kinyan’ (a symbolic act of transfer) in front of the rabbi or someone in his stead.
According to Rabbi Riskin's ruling, this year due to the situation, sales of chametz can also be conducted over the phone by calling the Gabai or a representative from the religious council.  Alternatively the sale can be done via email or fax.
This is allowed because talking over the phone or writing on the computer is considered to be a ‘maaseh kinyan’.
In the years to come, we will hopefully return to selling chametz in the usual way.
You can send your forms for chametz sales to:
Or fax them to 02-99303858.
HaRav Shlomo Riskin - Mara Daatra
HaRav Eytan Weisz- Secretary of the Religious Council